Nice Girls Read Books, est. 2010

author-1As of September, 2015, Nice Girls Read Books was five years old. I can’t believe how fast time has flown. What started out as a small place to record my thoughts about the books I read and loved became something life-changing and overflowing with opportunities.

Because of this blog I’ve been able to meet like-minded people both online and in person as well as some of my favourite writers and publishing reps, attend events beyond my wildest dreams and even make a small income from sharing my thoughts about books and Young Adult literature.

Although I am not active on here all the time (it’s very time-consuming, and sometimes I take long breaks from reading to indulge in my other hobbies) when I read, I tend to read A LOT. And whenever I read, I review.

I am always interested in making new blogging friends, participating in link swaps and rotations. So if you would like to send me an email, please don’t hesitate!

The Girl

author-2My name is Brittany and I’m 27 years old. I am an Australian blogger, living in South East Queensland. My passions include reading, design, television marathons and ice cream cake. Along with being an avid reader, I absolutely adore cats.

My reading journey started early on, but turned serious after reading the ‘Harry Potter’ series in my primary school years. My preference for Young Adult fiction began after graduating from high-school in 2006 and I haven’t let it go since. Along with YA, I also enjoy the odd bit of ‘New Adult’. I don’t strictly read within these genres, however.

By day I work as a graphic artist at a local media company and I also study part-time. I also dabble in writing (being a fanfic writer in my teen years) and would someday love to be a part of the publishing industry, whether it be in front of or behind a desk.

As for favourite stories in my life, I can’t seem to let two go: ‘Peter Pan’ and ‘The Secret Garden’.

If you know anything about my reading habits, you’ll know I’m on the (seemingly) never-ending quest of finding the ‘perfect’ mermaid YA book. This mysterious book is still escaping my grasp, but perhaps one day I’ll find it?

Historical Interests

  • Victorian London
  • Romanov Russia & The Romanov Family
  • Titanic
  • Anne Frank & World War II
  • Jack the Ripper