Review Policy

I am most open to receiving Advanced Reader Copies (ARC’s) of yet-to-be-published books. I will be very happy to read and review anything that falls under the young adult category, as well as anything to do with urban fantasy or paranormal romance. I also like to dabble in contemporary romance and chick-lit.

As stated below, self-published work is not something I can read at this time. While I do appreciate the need for honest reviews and small internet promotion, my blog mainly features YA work that can be obtained easily for many readers. If your book is not available in hard-copy and is only available through digital means, I probably cannot review it for you. I apologise.

Due to the amount of requests and little time, unfortunately I can’t read/review self-published work.

To contact me, please email: nicegirlsreadbooks(AT)gmail(DOT)com