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Interview: Kristi Cook, author of ‘Haven’

February 2, 2011

Please give a generous round of applause to Kristi Cook, author of the upcoming YA novel Haven which is definitely high up on my ‘must read’ list of 2011! I’m sure a lot of you already know all about the book, but for those who haven’t caught on yet, you should stick around and find out! Major thanks goes to Kristi, of course, for agreeing to take part!

Q: Your upcoming book, ‘Haven‘, features a student body (and faculty!) charged with psychic powers. If you found yourself at Winterhaven, what would be your ability? And how would you use this ability for good (or evil)?

Definitely astral projection! I’ve been obsessed with the concept since I read Lois Duncan’s Stranger with My Face back when I was 12 or so. I’m not sure exactly what I’d use it *for* (good—definitely good!) but I just think it would be really, really cool to temporarily “leave my body” and travel anywhere I wanted.

Q: For those who haven’t yet heard of ‘Haven‘, give us a quick 101 on the story and its characters, as well as why readers should put this on their wishlist right now.

At the heart of Haven is the Winterhaven School, an elite boarding school in New York’s Hudson Valley. Everyone there—every teacher, every student—has psychic abilities, and it’s a place where they can be themselves without feeling like a “freak.”

Violet McKenna’s gift is visions of future—usually bad things happening to people that she cares about, and she’s basically been hiding her gift all her life. She transfers to Winterhaven during her junior year, hoping to fit in, and she does. Almost immediately she has a close circle of friends, and she catches the eye of the very mysterious, very *hot* Aidan Gray. Only problem is, once they start getting close, she starts having visions of his death—and in her visions, she’s the one killing him. Yeah, definitely a problem.

Q: Can you tell us the significance of the blue butterfly on the cover? Or is that a closely guarded secret to do with leading man Aidan’s abilities?

Nope, no secret! The butterfly represents Violet, and her “transformation” once she comes to Winterhaven.

Q: What was your favourite Young Adult read in 2010? What are some titles you’re looking forward to in 2011?

Well, I loved Mockingjay— it didn’t disappoint. It was very emotional—I think I was in a funk for a full week after reading it! But I thought the ending was appropriate to the story and the characters. My other favorite read in 2010 was probably Anna and the French Kiss, completely on the opposite end of the spectrum! It was just so…fun! And so romantic. Etienne St. Clair was totally swoon-worthy, and I don’t remember the last time I had such a good time reading a book.

There are SO many great books coming out in 2011! I’ve already been lucky enough to read ARCs of many of them (I work part-time at a wonderful independent kids’ bookstore—ARCs are a definite perk of the job!). I really, *really* loved both Veronica Roth’s Divergent and Amy Plum’s Die For Me.

Q: How important do you think it is to interact with your readers and be a part of the online book community? Are there any particular highlights or downsides you’d like to shed some light on?

I think the best part of my “job” is interacting with readers and being a part of the online community! I mean, I’m a writer, but I’m also a voracious reader—I could talk books all day! I have met so many amazing people through Twitter and the YA blog community, and I do think it’s important for authors to be a part of that—but only if they’re comfortable with it.

The only downside is that I worry that bloggers/reviewers feel “weird” interacting with me if they didn’t enjoy my book. And they shouldn’t! Reading is entirely subjective, and I don’t expect everyone to love—or even like!—Haven. I just don’t want anyone feeling badly about that, just because they’ve chatted with me on Twitter!

Q: And finally, after the release of ‘Haven‘, what will you be working on next?

I’m working on the sequel to Haven—and it’s great to be back at Winterhaven, spending time with my characters again!

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Thank you so much Kristi! I’m really glad you had fun answering my questions and I’m sure I’m not the only one out there who’s extremely pumped to read Haven! For anyone who doesn’t know, the book comes out February 22nd and is published by Simon Pulse. Not long to go now!


  • Reply Terra Mae February 3, 2011 at 4:04 am

    OMG I LOVE Kristi!!! I can’t wait to get this book!!! I am so stoked!!! AWESOME interview!

    • Reply Brittany February 3, 2011 at 4:18 am

      She’s amazing ^_^ That’s for sure! I’m so eager to read the book, too! Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it :D

  • Reply June February 3, 2011 at 1:25 am

    Ah…she works in a kid’s book store–definitely a great perk. Especially in these days of great YA finds. I’m so glad she’s doing a sequel. I haven’t read Haven yet, but I have a good feeling about it. I have an e-ARC and I’ll be digging into it shortly! Nice interview. Kristi sounds so down to earth. Nice

    • Reply Brittany February 3, 2011 at 3:03 am

      Oh, you’re so lucky to have an e-arc! I really hope you enjoy it – I can’t wait to read it myself! And yes, that’s definitely a perk!!! What an amazing job :)

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