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Interview: Rebecca Maizel, author of ‘Infinite Days’

March 2, 2011

I’m delighted to introduce to you Rebecca Maizel, author of ‘Infinite Days’, one of my most favourite vampire reads this year! With the release of its second chapter, ‘Stolen Nights’, Rachel has kindly agreed to answer a few of my most burning questions about her series.

Q: There are so many vampire-centric novels on the YA market these days. How did you go about making sure ‘Infinite Days‘ was different from everything else available? Was there anything you especially tried to avoid?

I connected to my main character, Lenah’s voice. It was so strong; and sinister and tragic. I wanted to tap into that sorrow and darkness. I wanted to bring this person, whoever she was back out to light. It turned out that she was a vampire and thematically, it worked. Every person out there has done something they aren’t be proud of. And whatever that thing is, they have to live with it – forever. That’s Lenah but times about a million!

Q: How many books are there expected to be in the ‘Vampire Queen‘ series? Is this a different number to what you originally planned on?

There are three projected for the series – I wasn’t sure how many I would end up writing but I love Lenah so I thought there could be a continuation of her story when I originally wrote ‘Infinite Days’. I would love to write a companion novel from Rhode’s pov or maybe even Vicken’s – who knows! But there are three scheduled right now.

Q: The second book in the series, ‘Stolen Nights‘, comes out in June this year. Can you give us a taste of what we can expect from Lenah and her friends in this installment?

Nope!! Secrets are fun (maniacally laughing into the distance)!

Q: Which of your characters…

Would you have a crush on? Oh, probably Justin. I know a lot of people would say Rhode but Justin is “obviously” sexy. I always fall for the obviously cute guy and then go – Oh! I should probably go for the smart and maybe not so obviously cute one. But Rhode is sexy too. Hmm. Hard to choose.

Is the most fun to write? Vicken – surprisingly. He’s in the sequel a bit and he’s has surprised me with his behavior and his humor. I didn’t expect this of him. In this first book – he’s really frightening. In the second, something happens and he is way funnier. Of course, he could just be funny to me. I am known to find myself HILARIOUS when others – just stare.

Do you love to hate? I love love love love to hate the evil Lenah. She’s so evil – she’s such a mastermind of pain that she’s fun to write. It’s also fun to write the flip side which is Lenah as a human so I love to hate the vampire version of Lenah.

Would you like to be friends with? Tony. He’s my dream friend. I had some really great best friends
growing up that completely accepted me for who I was. Actually, they still do as my best friend has been my best friend since we were 6. The majority of the kids in school didn’t (I was weird – STILL AM and it’s COOL) but my best friends totally accepted me. And he’s sort of the physical embodiment of all of the wonderful qualities my best friends have.

Q: And finally, what can be expect from Rebecca Maizel after the ‘Vampire Queen’ series has come to a close?

I hope more books. I have been working on a realistic piece and some other projects are cooking in my head. More books! That’s what I hope. I want to write books for young adults for the rest of my life.

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Many thanks to Rebecca for joining us today!
I’m sure you’re as entertained by her answers as I am – what a fun read!


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    What a great and interesting interview. So fascinating to have a preview into Ms. Maizel’s writing. :) Thanks for the interview and book recommendation.

    • Reply Brittany March 8, 2011 at 11:12 am

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! :D

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