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Interview: Brodi Ashton, author of ‘Everneath’

November 19, 2011

I am thrilled to announce that today I am hosting author of the 2012 debut, Everneath, on the blog – the lovely Brodi Ashton! Brodi outlines the significance of her cover, talks love triangles and why her debut is one of the hottest of 2012!

Q: First of all, lets talk about THAT cover! It’s gorgeous! I’m sure it’s caught many readers eyes already and invited them to find out more about the book. What were your feelings on it when you first saw it and how well do you think it relates to the story you’ve written?

My first thought was: Holy Whoa! I’m in love! I never wanted a cover that didn’t have anything to do with the insides. Thankfully this cover is almost an exact representation of a scene in the book, with the girl and the swirling smoke. So yes, it fits very well. I always pictured a cover like this. Although my creative abilities were limited, so I never did it justice in my imagination.

Q: In a nutshell, ‘Everneath‘ tells the story of Nikki, who has six months to enjoy her old life before returning to the Underworld. It seems she’ll have big decisions to make regarding two boys; her boyfriend, Jack, on the Surface, and Cole, the Immortal who lives in the Underworld. How much of an integral role will the love triangle play in the overall plot?

I never think of there being a love triangle in the book, because Nikki’s choice should be fairly obvious. Especially considering the fact that the other guy is the “villain”, albeit a conflicted one. The central part of the plot is never “which one will she choose” but more “How can she save herself so she can live with the boy she loves.” I’ve heard from many readers who went into it expecting the typical love triangle, but very soon realized there is only one choice. The possibility of going with Cole is never about love. Choosing Jack is never the question. It’s finding a way to stay with him that’s the question.

Q: Can you tell us some of your personal favourite book, film or television love triangles?

Fun question!!

• Buffy/Spike/Angel
• Elena/Damon/that other vampire
• Veronica/Logan/Duncan

Q: What makes ‘Everneath‘ so different from other books concerning the Underworld and sexy love triangles? Why should readers pick YOUR book over all others?

Oh man, I’m really bad at pimping my book. But paranormal romances typically feature a “paranormal” in love with a “human”, who face difficulties because of their differences. This book is unique because it’s about two humans in love. Exploring that was very important to me. :) As for the triangle, see Question #2. :) Beyond that, I think readers will pick up my book for reasons completely unique to them. I’ve gotten so many emails from readers telling me what the book meant to them, and no one answer is the same. I love hearing the different interpretations.

Q: ‘Everneath‘ isn’t out until January, but you’ve stated on your blog that revisions are already underway on Book Two! Any clues on the title yet?

We do have a title, but I can’t reveal the darn thing yet! But I do love the title, and it is very indicative of where Book Two takes us.

Q: And finally, how are you going to be celebrating the release of your first book?

I’m going to party! Then I’m going to hang out with my kids, who always keep me grounded by saying things like, “It’s just a book. What’s the big deal?” and “I’ll read your book when you write a Goosebumps novel.” They are very hard to impress.

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A big thank you to Brodi for taking the time to answer all of my questions about Everneath! If you haven’t heard about this 2012 debut yet, what are you waiting for? Check it out! Remember, Everneath is set to be released on the 24th of January, 2012, so pre-order it!



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    Love the love triangle picks, especially the shout-out to Veronica Mars!

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    Just letting you know you received the One Lovely Blog Award

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