Historical Fantasy Picks


Historical Fantasy is probably my favourite genre in YA. Set in history, embellished with magic or the supernatural, every read you see featured on this page has a special place in my heart. Don’t be surprised if I’m pickier than usual in this category, either! Only the best of the best belong here.


The Gemma Doyle Trilogy
Libba Bray

“With it’s complex characters and relationships, poignant writing and mixed sense of wonder and danger, A Great & Terrible Beauty survives the test of time and firmly holds on to its position as a personal favourite.”

There are so many wonderful elements of The Gemma Doyle Trilogy… I’m not sure if it’s the flawed and wonderful characters, the strength and humour of our heroine, the dangerously beautiful sense of magic in the realms or the Victorian-era England we’re swept away to. I just know that I love it all. It’s safe to say that with the initial character introductions and story foundations done and dusted in A Great & Terrible Beauty, Rebel Angels and The Sweet Far Thing really had room to move with their story progression and character development. The series continued to improve, progress and IMPRESS.

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ngrbpicks-mzpotsProphecy of the Sisters
Michelle Zink

“What an exquisite finale to a fantastic series! I couldn’t have hoped for more when reading Circle of Fire and I know without a doubt that these characters won’t leave me, even though the final page has been turned. Lia has become one of my favourite heroines.”

Each book left me with lots of food for thought long after the last page, with Circle of Fire being my favourite. I can’t even begin to describe my love for the characters Michelle has created, or the settings in which their adventures take place in. I’ll miss the charged horseback rides to unexplored places, miss venturing to Altus and reminiscing with Lia about the lifestyle it promises… Prophecy of the Sisters was one of those series that continued to improve and grow with each installment. I’m so glad I stuck around for the finale!

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