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Review: “Mockingjay,” Suzanne Collins

September 19, 2010
Review: “Mockingjay,” Suzanne CollinsMockingjayby Suzanne Collins
Series: The Hunger Games #3
Published by Scholastic on August, 2010
Genres: Dystopian, Survival, War
Pages: 390

Katniss Everdeen, girl on fire, has survived, even though her home has been destroyed.

Gale has escaped. Katniss’s family is safe. Peeta has been captured by the Capitol.

District 13 really does exist. There are rebels. There are new leaders.

A revolution is unfolding.

A great end to a great series. Mockingjay will not disappoint. It will make you feel pain, anguish, redemption, revenge, elation, warmth, confusion and everything else in between! Make sure you have a box of tissues readily available, for both happy and sad endings. Fire is catching! Clear anything you had planned, because you will not leave your spot until you’ve finished the whole thing.

Where do I begin? Mockingjay left me speechless and terribly sad in certain parts. The ending has stayed with me long after I closed the final page. Let me start by saying the I was on board Team Peeta 100% during The Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but Mockingjay had me siding with Team Gale… I didn’t expect this at all!

But, in all truthfullness, my heart lies with Finnick Odair. Ever since he made his appearance in Catching Fire, he’s stuck with me like a silly schoolgirl crush. If Panem was reality, I would certainly be one of the many Finnick groupies.

His story of what the Capitol did to him tore me apart. It was so raw, so shocking, and something I didn’t expect at all. I loved his relationship with Katniss and how he taught her his trick with the knots, and of course, his love for Annie. One would wonder initially what would someone like Finnick Odair would see in poor, mad Annie. In Mockingjay, we finally ‘find out’ why. He’s broken, too. I really admire him for keeping his ‘cool guy’ persona throughout it all.

Is it wrong that I kinda wanted a little Finnick/Johanna action? *feels guilty*

I don’t need to say just how devastated I am over his death. I must admit, I didn’t see it coming. I thought out of everyone, and after his marriage to Annie, that he would merit a happy ending. I wanted to put down the book and cry silently. This was just one of many times that Mockingjay riled up my emotions. His death affected me more than Prim’s did (another whammy out of nowhere to pull on my heartstrings)

Reading that Peeta and Katniss put a photo of Finnick and Annie’s baby to their memorial book was a right kick in the gut.

Which brings me to Peeta. I honestly don’t know what was going on in that boy’s head! I doubt anyone did. I really believed he wouldn’t come out of it, and that Katniss would go for Gale, and that would be that. I can’t say this sat well with me. I like Gale, but not with Katniss. They’re too similar. I believe Katniss finally discovered this as well; stating that she didn’t need Gale’s fire, but Peeta’s warmth (or something along those lines)

That being said, I’m quite surprised that Gale didn’t stick around in 12. I thought he would have at least escorted Katniss home, but no. I’m also very happy that Effie survived, I didn’t know what had become of her and had quite honestly forgotten about her until her re-appearance. I don’t think there was a character that Suzanne didn’t come up with an ending for. I applaud her immensely for that.

All in all, Mockingjay was an excellent closing chapter to the world of Katniss, Peeta and Panem. It’ll leave you wide awake for hours, digesting everything you’ve just read, as if you’ve read it too quickly to really take anything in. That’s certainly the way I’m feeling now. I believe I devoured it in a day.

While my favourite of the trilogy still goes to The Hunger Games, Mockingjay certainly didn’t disappoint!

Recommended to: Anyone who’s closely followed the series (because really, you can’t start with this one, can you?) and wants to read about Finnick Odair in his underwear… *shuffles away with a grin*

About Suzanne Collins

Since 1991, Suzanne Collins has been busy writing for children's television. She has worked on the staffs of several Nickelodeon shows, including the Emmy-nominated hit Clarissa Explains it All and The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo. She currently lives in Connecticut with her family and a pair of feral kittens they adopted from their backyard.

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  • Reply Sarah July 28, 2011 at 12:59 pm

    This review echoes my own thoughts so well! i loved the Finnick story line and definitely shed a tear with his death, especially after being introduced to the love of his life , Annie.

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