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Review: “Of Triton,” Anna Banks

July 23, 2013
Review: “Of Triton,” Anna BanksOf Tritonby Anna Banks
Series: Of Poseidon #2
Published by Egmont on July, 2013
Genres: Mermaids / Selkies, Romance
Pages: 246

Emma is half-mermaid: a freak in the human world and an abomination in the Syrena realm below. But she’s in love with Galen – a gorgeous Syrena from the House of Triton, god of the sea. If Emma’s secret is discovered by the Syrena, she risks being put to death as a Half-Breed.

Emma’s heritage comes from her mother – a princess from the House of Poseidon who escaped the sea to live as a human. Aware of the danger her daughter faces, she is determined to keep Emma away from the Syrena. But her reappearance after so many years turns the underwater kingdoms, Poseidon and Triton, against one another.

How can Emma and Galen stay together when their two rival kingdoms, and two different worlds, just want to tear them apart?

Sadly, Of Triton did not redeem Anna Banks’ series for me. I went into this one hoping that my feelings about its predecessor, Of Poseidon, would be changed, but was sorely disappointed. It’s quite possible that this book was even more all over the place. After giving both books a fair shot, I think Of Triton marks the end of my journey with Emma and Galen.

Even if I had been a little attached to Emma and Galen after reading the first book in Anna Banks’ series, Of Poseidon, it’s safe to say Of Triton promptly stomped on those remnants. I don’t feel the connection between the two characters, let alone believe how they feel about one another. Try as I may to be open-minded (and I ADORE mermaid lore, male or female), I cannot help but scoff out loud when Emma comments on how hot Galen’s hulk of a fin makes her… For me, this relationship never really got off the ground when it comes to being ‘deep’, and Of Triton didn’t change things in this area.

Another huge issue I have with this series is how quickly the action scenes fly by. Just as I’m settling down for the long haul, it’s over. People have been harpooned, people are passed out, people are dead… in like, one sentence. I found myself constantly trying to wrap my head around how so much could happen without the author even taking the time to explain it. With an amazing setting and a heap of unique lore, Anna Banks could have done so much more with her ideas. There seems to be a huge gap between the time taking place in her head as she writes and what she puts on paper. Action scenes that should span a few pages with suspense and excitement fizzle out after a few paragraphs.

I also feel that too many things get left unexplained – or simply explained so fast that I missed it completely. I want to refer to the ending as proof of this. I have no idea what happened to the villain Jagen after the ‘final battle/rescue’. Did Anna Banks even tell us? If she did, why don’t I remember? Instead we get a silly ‘prom’ scene with Emma and Galen that is totally irrelevant to all that has just happened.

It’s another thing I didn’t bring up in my review of the first book; this series could be so much more UNCLUTTERED if the whole ‘school’ life/environment had been scrapped. My patience with prom and dances and first days back at school has been rubbed raw and I’m sure the same can be said for many other readers of this genre. Yes, I understand that it’s a part of YA literature, yada yada, but with a series like Of Poseidon, is it really necessary? Here we have a mermaid tale that takes place on beaches and underwater. Surely our characters could have their adventure during summer break?

Emma’s mum is also probably the worst character in the series. I have no way to describe her. She is just so poorly written. One minute she’s all commando; firing a GUN out of a vehicle to protect her daughter from her mermaid past, then she’s all swoony/cuddly/kissy on her old flame’s lap and ready to abandon Emma at the drop of a hat. I can completely understand Emma’s gag-reflex when it comes to Nalia and Grom. And another thing that hasn’t been explained quite well from the author is the obvious age difference now between the two. After Nalia has spent so much time on land, surely she’s aged physically compared to Grom who’s been underwater and using his Syrena fountain of youth abilities?

Perhaps the only thing I liked about Of Triton was the reveal of Triton’s gift in Rayna. Yes, I know that the ability was ‘split’ between Rayna and Galen since they’re twins, but it was Rayna who really stole the show. As I said before in my review for Of Poseidon, Rayna and Toraf are possibly the only glimmers of hope I have for this series.

After the ending of this book (with a death that sadly didn’t even impact me in the slightest) I’m unsure where Anna Banks can go from here. It seemed all the little threads were tied up and all the obstacles knocked down… and I don’t really feel that I’ll be reading the final installment, Of Neptune. I hate sounding so harsh in my reviews, but I really feel that the execution of this series could have been done a lot better. I had my hopes raised so high, only to find them crash and burn.

Recommended to: If you liked Of Poseidon, chances are you will love Of Triton. Sadly for me, it was too much of the same.

About Anna Banks

Anna Banks grew up in a small town called Niceville (yes, really). She now lives in Crestview, Florida, with her husband and their daughter. She now indulges her tendency to lie by writing the lies down and selling them to publishers. She also writes adult fiction under pen name Anna Scarlett.


  • Reply Gold Price August 16, 2013 at 4:32 am

    That is what disappointed me the most, I think – the lack of newness and freshness. Of Poseidon impressed me with its exciting take on mermaids and half-breeds. Of Triton didn’t add anything new to the series or to mermaid-dom.

  • Reply Deloris T. Crosby August 10, 2013 at 3:50 pm

    Would I purchase it? Yes–I want to own the series. Would I recommend it? Yes–I really liked the first book, and it makes sense to continue the series.

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