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    Review: “Dangerous Lies,” Becca Fitzpatrick

    November 10, 2015

    Dangerous Lies was… actually alright. If I sound shocked, it’s because whenever it comes to something written by Becca Fitzpatrick, I’m always apprehensive. Her second mystery/thriller YA novel comes as a great surprise; total readability, excellent…

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    Review: “The Sweet Far Thing,” Libba Bray

    April 27, 2014

    Though incredibly long, The Sweet Far Thing still remains a fantastic and to a fantastic series. Gemma’s story comes full circle – the stakes are higher and danger threatens. If you’re a fan of the previous…

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    Review: “Rebel Angels,” Libba Bray

    April 20, 2014

    Rebel Angels has always held a place in my heart as my favourite of the ‘Gemma Doyle’ trilogy. I was so eager to re-read this book and knew that it wouldn’t disappoint the second (or third!)…

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    Review: “Hemlock,” Kathleen Peacock

    July 23, 2012

    Kathleen Peacock has managed to rejuvenate the werewolf YA genre with her debut, Hemlock! A fast-paced and interesting story that had me turning pages well into the night. This book was part of my 2012 Debut…

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    Review: “Fever,” Lauren DeStefano

    May 10, 2012

    Last year’s debut, Wither, absolutely blew me away, so when I went into Fever I was expecting greatness. Unfortunately, the second novel in The Chemical Garden series does not live up to the first. It wasn’t…

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    Review: “Wrecked,” Anna Davies

    May 7, 2012

    My main problem with Wrecked was that I didn’t connect to any of its characters. The romance was rushed, the focus was not on the fantasy aspect of the book (which I wanted) and the main…

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    Review: “Fated,” Sarah Alderson

    February 18, 2012

    It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy Fated, because it was a pleasant enough read, it was just that it felt like I had read this book before. My main gripes were most notably with the main…

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    Review: “Everneath,” Brodi Ashton

    February 15, 2012

    My thoughts on Everneath were mixed at first, but after getting through the first chunk of the novel I found I was enjoying it a lot more. Brodi Ashton has created an interesting debut read, and…

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    Review: “Hunting Lila,” Sarah Alderson

    September 13, 2011

    Hunting Lila is a YA mystery that will have you on the edge of your seat. With characters you’re certain to become attached to, and an ending that will leave you wanting more, this debut from…