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Series Wrap: ‘The Colours of Madeleine’, Jaclyn Moriarty

June 16, 2016

 Series Wrap is a mini-feature where I sum up what I loved and loathed about a particular series upon completion. The rules are simple: I must have read and reviewed ALL books in said series and the series must be completed by the author. These posts are seperate from reviews.


About The Colours of Madeleine

Madeleine Tully lives in Cambridge, England, the World – a city of spires, Isaac Newton and Auntie’s Tea Shop.

Elliot Baranski lives in Bonfire, the Farms, the Kingdom of Cello – where seasons roam, the Butterfly Child sleeps in a glass jar, and bells warn of attacks from dangerous Colours.

They are worlds apart – until a crack opens up between them; a corner of white – the slim seam of a letter.

A mesmerising story of two worlds; the cracks between them, the science that binds them and the colours that infuse them.


Quick Picks

Favourite Character/s: THE BUTTERFLY CHILD. Elliot.
Favourite Pairing/s: Elliot/Madeleine
Favourite Cover: A Corner of White
Favourite Book: A Tangle of Gold

Summing Up

Why I liked this series

In an odd twist, the reason I liked this story is the reason I didn’t like it – though it was odd and bizarre, it was also incredibly unique. Jaclyn Moriarty’s writing style was also quite lyrical and pretty – which made reading it very enjoyable despite all the head-scratching I was doing while reading it.

There were also some incredible elements to the story; such as the Butterfly Child and the Lake of Spells.

And the finale twist? I must say that I did not see that coming. I applauded Jaclyn Moriarty for pulling the wool over my eyes on that one. Superb.

Why I disliked this series

Sometimes this book was just way too bizarre. For the most part, I had no idea what was going on and when a book is quite lengthy (like these ones were) it’s hard to see the end. Each of the books had an explosive ending, which was great, but sadly they started off a bit slow.

I also had trouble connecting to Madeleine, as I found her to be incredibly selfish at times. As we swap between her POV and Elliot’s (who I liked) this was tough, as I didn’t want to go back to Madeline and Cambridge.

In Conclusion

Would I read this series again? I don’t think so, but it was a unique experience.
Would I recommend this series? For those who are fans of the lyrical and whimsical, for certain.
This series in one word: Bizarre.

Individual Reviews

A Corner of WhiteThe Cracks in the KingdomA Tangle of Gold

Did you read The Colours of Madeleine?
What’s your opinion on ‘bizarre’ books?


  • Reply Kelly June 19, 2016 at 4:42 pm

    I do, I really love unique reads that verge on the bizarre Britt, seeing it’s also lyrical is a bonus. I’m always seeking out books that have that wonderful and whimsy prose. I’ve read a few reviews for the series which seems that people either love it or are just utterly confused by most of it. It sounds like you need to read with an open mind and throw logic out the window. I’m actually really looking forward to starting the series. Sorry you couldn’t have enjoyed it a little more though, but loved the wrap up nonetheless <3
    Kelly recently posted…The LeavingMy Profile

    • Reply Brittany @ Nice Girls Read Books June 19, 2016 at 7:43 pm

      I really hope you adore it, Kelly. Confused or not, it was definitley something special. Although it was sometimes infuriatingly nonsensical, I could always appreciate just how unique it was. Reading with an open mind is definitley a requirement. I’ll be interested to see what you think! ;)

  • Reply Kyra Morris June 16, 2016 at 7:35 pm

    Great review! I think I’ll give this a miss as it doesn’t really seem like something I’ll enjoy!
    Kyra Morris recently posted…The Moonlight Dreamers by Siobhan Curham is the best book I’ve read this yearMy Profile

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